Performances by The Story Orchestra

The Story Orchestra is a north bay performance ensemble of music, dance, spoken word, and theater. In May of 2023 we will be debuting a new Contemporary Oratorio, “Phila Omni, Dear All.”

This is a unique production in that it performs works from the Western tradition: chorale works from the repertoire; modern, original dance works; poetry selections from all nations throughout the world and history; and original song compositions, as well as traditional Indian instrumental music and Kathak dance. 

Phila Omni, Dear All” is an aesthetic representation of being human, of the Human Soul, of existence from times past, ancient times, till times now and into the future.

An aesthetic representation of Life and Living.

Performances are

Saturday May 13th, The Phoenix Theatre, San Francisco

Friday May 26th, The Arlene Francis Center for Spirit Art and Politics, Santa Rosa

Saturday May 27th, RIAR Dance Academy, Dublin

Performances are at 8pm, pre-sale tickets for these intimate venues are $35.00 and will go on sale April 1st.

The performances are intimate and mostly unamplified in order to create a beautiful, and positive audience experience. An uplifting Aesthetic experience that is low tech. This is very much live performance based, to help re-ignite performances, to invite people to come out once again for theatrical production to performance venues, to facilitate the interaction of All via Art as we people have always done.

For inquiries and pre-sales please contact Nick at

“Phila Omni, Dear All” performed by The Story Orchestra. To see a video

Initial performance dates are:

Saturday May 13th, at the Phoenix Theatre: 414 Mason Street, San Francisco Ca

Friday May 26th, at the Arlene Francis Center for Spirit Art and Politics: 99 6th Street Santa Rosa Ca

Saturday May 27th RIAR Dance Academy, 7227 Regent St Dublin CA

Each event has limited seating, and ticket prices will be $35.00. Contact Nick at to pre-order. Tickets will go on sale on line April 1st.

TO VIEW and HEAR the early promo video “Elegance”

March 1st – Phila Omni, Dear All please see the initial idea below, but here is an update!!! I am very pleased to announce that our choreographer is Aaron Draper, experienced in many styles, and with improv. I am also very pleased to announce that our co musical director and performer is Will Marsh an extremely fine Sitar Player and Guitarist. He will be joined by Tabla, Tanpura and Indian Dance. Musicians include Diego Mosquero – Keyboards and Percussion, Colin Bartlett – Orchestral Percussion, myself on Acoustic Bass Guitar, and Vocalists – Tanya Boone-Alva, and Thomas McIntyre

Many more details to follow, with the big details coming just prior to April.

Older – I am pleased to announce the next project, a series of live performances entitled “Phila Omni, Dear All” This will be a production of spoken word, music and dance, somewhat of a variety show based upon the themes of human art and culture, of the different phases, or history of the human psyche, culture and art, nature and spirit, with an emphasis upon the beautiful, upon the aesthetic greatness of us all. The range of variety will be from the primitive, to the medieval, to the classical, romantic, modern and contemporary times, and will include several composers of original works, plus some established composers, with a scope of arts from throughout the world. The production is in development, but I would like for all of you to know now…

The spoken words will be short passages from world history, poetry, words of wisdom.

The music will be very diverse, eclectic. There will be three “groups” performing in a through composed manner. One group will be lead by Will Marsh, a Sitar player/Guitarist/Composer He will be joined by a tabla player, and myself on Tanpura. I will lead a group of western style players, there will be a choral group, and a classical pianist.

For dance we will be reaching out to Indian Style dancers to accompany Will. And I am very pleased to say that choreographer and dancer Aaron Draper will create works for a quartet of dancers.

This is all still very much in the development phase, with the goal of a 2 hour through composed production of beauty, the best sounding concert presented in the Bay Area. Performances will be in three Bay Area locations and we are looking to do a final performance via Podcast, hopefully from the Arlene Francis Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa, Ca. Anticipated performances will be May of 2023.

We do need funding for these productions. So please if you would like to donate, please contact me at or 707 856 5111.

More details to follow. I am very excited about this and know that this will be a bit of a balm to those troubling events occuring.