Alva Sound Art Studio Presents:

The Story Orchestra

in performances of

“Phila Omni, Dear All”

Please see the “Phila Omni, Dear All” page on this site.


The Story Orchestra


“Phila Omni, Dear All”

A Contemporary Oratorio

Music, Dance and Spoken Word

Friday May 26th and Saturday May 27th 8pm

the Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art and Politics

99 West 6th St, Santa Rosa Ca

Presale tickets available online at – Alva Sound Art Studio


Day of show must be cash purchases only

Limited seating in this intimate venue

The performances in San Francisco and the East Bay are being postponed until the Fall

Saturday May 13th, 8pm at The Phoenix Theatre,

414 Mason St San Francisco Ca –in the heart of SF’s Theater District

Friday May 26th, 8pm at The Arlene Francis Center for Spirit Art and Politics

99 Sixth Street Santa Rosa Ca

Saturday May 28th, 8pm location TBD

Seating for these shows is limited, as the event is designed to be intimate.

Tickets are $35.00, contact to arrange pre-sale.

Phila Omni, Dear All is a unique production, a contemporary Oratorio with Music, Dance, and Spoken Word. A fusion of East meets West, Ancient meets Now. An aesthetic experience of history, nature, spirit, Life. With a goal of returning to live theatrical productions, with audiences, with community.


Nick Alva of Alva Sound Art Studio;

Aaron Draper – Choreographer

Will Marsh – Sitar player, Guitarist, Composer;

With an Ensemble of singers, instrumentalists, dancers, and spoken word artists in a fusion of beautiful performance art.

To view “Elegance”, a selection from the production, please go to Youtube,

Alva Sound Art Studio:

Updates and more information will be available on line at

And for inquiries and pre-sales please contact Nick at

Communal Studies Association Annual (Virtual) Conference Thursday October 1st through Saturday October 3rd. On Saturday at 5pm Eastern an audio recording of a paper I wrote on the subject “How to Portray ‘The Land’ as a Character Via Sound” will be played. It is 25 minutes long. The recording is of me reading the topic, and includes many excerpts from the audio book – “MorningStar a Play as Musical Audio Book.” I will then be on a panel answering questions. You will need to register for the event, as it is a conference. But don’t worry, after the conference I will make this specific recording available for all to hear. Probably on Youtube. I am quite proud of it. And glad to participate. This is a great conference. It was at a previous conference in 2005, when version 1 of “MorningStar” was performed live. That time we were paid though as entertainment. This time I had to register, but I am wearing the scholars cap.

Nick Alva – “MorningStar a Play as Musical Audio Book” – on Live Radio 

Saturday, September 19th, 2020 – 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on the radio, KOWS, 92.5fm, or streaming from the stations’ website,