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October 18th, 2022 – It has been a while. As with many creative artists performances have been delayed. However much has happened. Currently I am working on a performance piece entitled “Phila Omni, Dear All.” This will be a musical performance with dance and spoken word hopefully to be performed either in the the Spring or Fall of 2023. It will be an eclectic myriad of styles, all aiming for the beautiful, the positive, as a somewhat historical presentation of the human mind, psyche, and being in nature and in spirit. More on this shortly, a page will be devoted to this.

And! I completed a bit of a memoir in the form of Musical Audio Book entitled “A Creative Place – Life in Cotati 1979 to 82” It is about moving to a piece of land with my family, the creative people who were there when we arrived, and the creation of my first couple of bands as a teenager. More on this as well. But to say this is a real celebration of positive and beautiful creativity, and of the craftmanship of Art. Very purposeful, and not just about me.

And!! I am working on edits for “MorningStar – A Play as Musical Audio Book” creating version two, or the second edition. I am looking to find a better way to get this material, well actually both audio books, to you all. More on this as well!

My hope is that in the Spring, or Fall of 2023 there will be series of performances and releases to radio stations, publicity et al. to present all of the offerings that I have to you all. I am working with several creators and performers now, and will continue to do so.

Of course what is needed is funding. I want to pay creative artists, performers, the business associates, and tech crew needed to mount a large scale production. I will be setting up Go Fund Me and Patreon accounts in order to do so. And I will be available to present to you, and dialogue with you ideas about creativity, and aesthetics and the metaphysics of beautiful audio and theater. If you wish to connect now, please email me at asartstudio@gmail.com

One of the goals of “Phila Omni, Dear All” is to present not only visually, but aurally, sonically, the best ever sounding production in the San Francisco Bay, and then perhaps… to other places as well. Nick