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Steve Fowler



Steve Fowler was one of Morning Star’s friendly neighbors, starting in 1968 when he bought a home just up the road, where he still lives.  Lou, Ramon, “Near” and “Gina” became his close friends, and Lou used Steve’s house as an office the last years of his life.  After a year of graduate work in dramatic arts (1962-62) at U.C. Berkeley, Steve helped to start “Open Theater” with a couple who were among the first visitors to what was to become Morning Star Ranch, Roland Jacopetti and Alexandra Hart.  After a long hiatus from the stage Steve joined Pegasus Theater Company ten years ago with his partner, Andrea Van Dyke.  They have collaborated on many projects since, playing Chasuble and Prism in The Importance of Being Earnest, Regina and Horace in The Little Foxes, and staging the annual Hour Day Show at Pegasus.


“Getting back to an intimate relationship with nature, voluntary simplicity, dropping out of the war-addicted economy – these were some of the best and most enduring motives of the 60’s counterculture; all were beautifully exemplified, for all too brief a time, at Morning Star.”







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