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Ramon Sender



Ramon Sender is a composer, writer and the co-founder, with Morton Subotnick, of the San Francisco Tape Music Center in 1961. He studied with George Copeland, Elliott Carter, and Robert Erickson.


At the Center Sender worked with composers Subotnick, Pauline Oliveros, Tony Martin, Joseph Byrd,and Terry Riley. Later Sender was involved with Lou Gottlieb's Morning Star/Wheeler (Ahimsa) Ranch communes and later the Peregrine Foundation (for people "living in or exiting from experimental social groups").


His writings include a novel, "Zero Weather", and short stories available on his web site. In 1989, Sender published "Death in Zamora", a book investigating the execution of his mother by Franco's forces during the Spanish Civil War. For "Death in Zamora", Sender used the pen name "Ramón Sender Barayón" both to differentiate himself from prior works by his novelist father, Ramón Sender, and to honor Amparo Barayón, his mother.


His albums include Worldfood (2004, Locust 55) & "Desert Ambulance" (2005, Locust 70).





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