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Mike Vargas



Michael-Enrique Vargas is a Senior at Sonoma Academy in Santa Rosa. After being overheard singing in a local shopping centre at the age of seven he joined the Santa Rosa Children's' choir, effectively sealing in stone his interests in music. In elementary and middle school he began to act in school plays such as The Nutcracker, and The 13 Colonies. He Continued to work in both theatre and choral productions and now has under his belt larger pieces like; 4 Farces and a Funeral, a piece based off a series of Anton Chekhov's plays and life, as well as The opera Orpheus and Eurydice, by Gluck.

Michael currently lives with his father, stepmother, and siblings in Cotati, where they enjoy a cozy family life. Michael will be moving on to college in the fall where he plans to major in music, hoping to one day have a career in Opera performance.







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