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Kelly Walton

Choreographer / Stage Manager / Composer


A life long love of movement and the expressive arts has led Kelly to search for the improvisational inspiration in every day.  She is excited to be working with Nick and Tanya again, and is very proud of what her old Round buddies have cooked up this time.  MorningStar promises to be a project that gives a whole new meaning to the word historical.  It doesn’t seem that long ago, holding hands in the circle dance with Deborah Hay, or watching Twyla Tharp do Dancing in the Streets of…at the Wadsworth.  But it’s been over thirty years!  Crazy.  Since then Kelly has studied dance doing tap, jazz and ballet at Pofahl’s Dance Studio, modern, contact improv and African Dance at Sonoma State University, Duncan dance, more ballet, more modern and more African at New York University, Samba and the dances of the Orixás with Leah Weiss of EGAP at Templo Guaracy, and many other moving experiences along the way.  She studied choreography with Renata Celichowska, Douglas Dunn, and Anne Woodhead, and did the choreography for the MorningStar Idyll, as well as numerous original works in various styles and movement modalities.








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