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Gloria Strasburg



I have been singing and acting since I was a small child and I am keenly aware of what music and theater mean to me. Music is part of my soul.   Actually, to be correct, music is my soul.  It is the very essence of me.  My heart beats in time with the universal language known as music.  There is no other language that can be understood by all persons across the world regardless of the tongue in which it is sung.   All the world coexists with rhythm, the underlying back beat known as our life.   Music has been and will always be here throughout existence.   It was in the beginning and it will be in the end. 


From this, my life springs forward and directs my actions.  With music to guide me, I am compelled to follow the magic of theater.  What is that one pivotal moment when the stage lights go up revealing another reality, that before was once only in the imagination of the play right?   The audience members, quietly watching from their carefully chosen seat, wait in anticipation for the story to begin.  The characters become alive as the actors effortlessly deliver their well rehearsed lines, all the while weaving plots and subplots to delight the many pairs of watchful eyes.  This is acting, an art as old as mankind itself.


I am delighted to be a part of Morningstar.  This is a creative innovative look at the life of an enlightened man who generosity of spirit touched many lives, whilst in the flesh and long after his passing.







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