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Erin Anderson



Erin Lee Anderson was born in Berkeley, California, but was raised mainly in Sonoma County, where she witnessed the Cotati hippy era in the 70ís (Erin could tell you some stories!).Her mother took her to Morningstar to visit because she was thinking of moving to a commune.Erin obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts at Sonoma State University (where she was also a music major and classical voice scholarship student).She also holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from University of San Francisco.Some of her roles at SSU include Maria in Most Happy Fella, Phobia in Pizza Con Funghi (she performed in this opera for the King of the Figi Islands) and Florence Pike, in Benjami Britten's Albert Herring; along with numerous classical recitals, chamber music and cabaret shows.She also played Buttercup, in the HMS Pinafore; and Juno, in Orpheus and the Underworld and sang in numerous Cabaret shows at Redwood Empire Lyric Theatre.After a long hiatus, she recently has been singing with the Cinnabar chamber singers and has an occasional church or wedding gig.She is currently a Cotatian (again), works full-time as a mental health case manager in Marin and is, happily, mother to 7-year-old, Sophia.







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