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Dave ‘Diz’ Struffles


Diz grew up in the Bay Area, and has toured with several award winning bands including - WHISPER, SNAPP,  HANK WILLIAMS, LOST HIGHWAY, THE MARSHALL  TUCKER BAND, JOHN LEGEND, and INXS.  After winning the San Francisco Battle of the Bands with Tesla drummer Troy Luccketta, he became a weekly performer on NYC's Seaport Line of ships.  His previous musical “Frankenstein”, is based on the music of Edgar & Johnny Winters. Theatre audiences and concert goers in the U.S. will have seen him on stage in more than 200 productions as an actor, singer, harmonica player, and orchestral & electric bassist.  He recently finished scoring and recording his Rockin' Blues musical, Smokehouse... in Nashville with Broadways' own performer/ composer Brent Moyer, Matthew Klinedinst, Jeff "Skye" Moore (George Jones Nephew), and Porter Wagner produced Curtis Alan.   Diz toured 131 cities in 2006 including The CMA FEST  in Nashville, Van's Warped Tour, The Marshall Tucker Band, Wyoming’s’ Frontier Days  (opening for Dierks Bentley), the Southeastern premiere of "Hank Williams, Lost Highway",  "The Guys", at The Federal Building, and the Bailey's World Tour with John Legend.  "Musical Theatre is my passion.  Folk, Old Country, Blues, & Rock keep me breathing.







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