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Claudia Larson


It was her Dadís incredible tenor voice, his tuneful whistling and the meadowlarks on the familyís North Dakota farm that inspired Claudia Larsonís singing.Whether it was sitting at the family upright piano playing songs from the 30s and 40s or singing in the Christmas programs at the country school and church, music was every day present.


Life moved on and Claudia continued to sing and perform, taking up the guitar and folk songs in her hippie days.Opera, musical theatre, jazz, country and even rock found their way into her repertoire.Teaching singing became a way to share the mystery of singing, a way to let folks know that singing is inherent in everyone.She graduated with a degree in music from Sonoma State University after leaving Concordia Lutheran College in Minnesota.††


Today she sings with her three grandchildren and keeps the piano open for them.Her three grown children and two sons in law all live in the area for which sheís every day grateful.







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